Home History

I have begun retipping phono cartridges for myself in year 2000, thus the name Vinyl A.D. 2000.

Originally this name was intended to be a data-base site where people could find information if a new album (produced in year 2000 or later) was ever printed in Vinyl. In fact I found that many people think an album they like has never been issued in Vinyl so they have to buy the CD version..

But another fact people forgot vinyl was that they didn’t have good sounding system. Phono cartridge is the main reason, therefore I concentrated my efforts in this field. I started tweaking a MM Shure V15III. My effort was to make it sound better than cd. I finally succeeded, after three years of hard work and many faults. Now, I realize that vinyl doesn’t have to do any match with cd. Of course it can deliver brilliant sound  as cds, but this is not the soul of analogue. I know concentrate to make the vinyl sound just as natural as live music is.

In year 2009 I wanted to share my findings with people, starting to make retipping services.

My final aim is to make the analog hi-fidelity music affordable to all, sharing my enthusiasm with people world over.



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